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Always look at the BRIGHT side of LIFE!👍

Some tunes soon,and a collection of STIMULATING and sometimes funny photos and vids..to make us smile or laugh..some artistic stuff,but ALWAYS interesting!      With a little help AND PATIENCE,WE..the people...can do ANYTHING ...jus SAYIN !!

Smiles for sale..haha.. Oh,and some bumper-stickers too.

Government is saying they are doing enough for war vets by spending 200 million on comittees and plans and research..ALL done by overpaid,over-educated STUPID "consultants"..and,meanwhile..... ex-soldiers who went and FAUGHT in WARS..are having to wait up to18 MONTHS  for assistance,while TRUSTING their EMPLOYERS that,if they should be injured in the course of their employment..they WOULD be looked after!..after all,THAT is THE LAW..in ALL forms of EMPLOYMENT IN Australia..Also,currently there are ads on commercial t.v from BusQ saying if you become sick or injured WHILE you have a superannuation account you ARE COVERED..according  to the ad..and yet,now (July 2019) and with ALL the spotlight on banks and also insurance.. as of now,after a number of heart attacks 15 months ago..and MY superannuation STILL has me JUMPING through HOOPS for THEM...doing THEIR JOBS at least ONE DAY PER WEEK..while they STILL refuse to pay out my insurance..after admitting I will NEVER work in my trained industry...and they keep trying to tell me that "NOoo,we are NOT trying to KILL you"..by HEART ATTACK..by stress...I claimed from them,previously only ever ONCE..15 years ago..and it took them a YEAR to finally pay.. and THAT time THIS DELAY caused my DOG to DIE from an OPERABLE CANCER....and NOW the DELAY in their"process"is looking likely to KILL ME?!..NOT if I have anything to do with it huh..and yes,so THIS SITE is to ENABLE as MANY people as possible..to FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES in life..

Always look on the bright side of LIFE..

UNDER RENOVATION..please wait for our Grand opening date..and sorry for ANY inconvenience!! haha

Personally.I think I have a unique perspective..and concise.I look at life through the eyes of an artist,one who enjoys good music THOROUGHLY..and I  try to smile  AS MUCH as possible..because there are not ANYWHERE near ENOUGH of the LIGHTER moments in normal working peoples LIVES heyyy!!..Please,ENJOY..if I can ONLY make ONE dollar from any and all who I can raise a smile from..and,who  agree with some,any and ALL of my philosophies..then I think I should be a HAPPY MAN!! haha..